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Southern California, Southern Nevada & Southwestern Utah

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The Southern California/Southern Nevada/Southwestern Utah Caravan Organizing Team, which plans, organizes and operates the Section of the National Corvette Caravan which draws from those three locales, has been working on its part of the 2014 National Corvette Caravan since December of 2010.

The SCSNSWUT OT's intent is to, once again, begin its cross-country trip to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky at Auto Club Speedway at Fontana. Part of the route across southern California and northwestern Arizona, including 90 miles of Historic 66 northeast of Kingman AZ and the popular "ice cream stop" at the famed "Snow Cap Drive-In" at Seligman AZ, will be the same as that of past National Caravans.

The first big change from the '03 and '09 events is the 2014 will be a six-day trip, rather than the five-day event of previous years. Also, the first day's trip will add 83 miles of Historic 66 in San Bernardino County, California. This stretch of old 66 was run in the 2003 Caravan but was in too poor a condition for the 2009 trip. Good news is the SBCo. repaired the worst parts of the road. In the spring of 2011, Capt. Halverson did PreRun1 over that part of old 66 and decided it was once again acceptable for Caravan use.

Another difference between SCSNSWUT in 2014 and past Caravans is that, instead of the first overnight in Flagstaff, Arizona, we'll stop in Williams, about 35 miles west of Flagstaff. Capt. Halverson and his Wife, Sandy, visited Williams in the summer of 2010 on the Corvette'n America Grand Canyon Tour which starts in Williams. The Halversons found Williams more friendly to car events than is Flagstaff. About six months later, after additional research into hotel space, the amount of food service in Williams and a meeting with Williams Mayor John Moore and President of the Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce, Gioia Goodrum, Halverson decided on that city as the first night's stop.

In Williams, SCSNSWUT will merge with the western contingent of Capt. Holt Davis' Arizona/New Mexico Caravan. On Saturday, 23 Aug, the combined SCSNSWUT and AZNM group will drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico where we'll meet the rest of the AZNM folks and stay over night. The next day we'll experience yet another new Caravan feature for 2014: Arizona/New Mexico Section Captain, Holt Davis, running us over the pre-1937 alignment of old Route 66, from Albuquerque, north on I-25 to just south of Las Vegas, NM and then south, on what's now US 84, to exit 256 on I-40. Capt. Halverson tells us that stretch of old 66 was checked-out during PreRun2 and PreRun4 and has the beautiful scenery typical of northern New Mexico.

Specifics of the first few evenings on the road are still being developed, but Capt. Halverson tells us to expect a show-and-shine car show Friday evening in Williams. The SCSNSWU and AZNM Caravan Organizing teams are developing plans for the second night in Albuquerque and the third night in Amarillo.

On the morning of Day Four, Amarillo will be the starting point for Capt. "Tuna" Dobbins' Oklahoma/Texas Panhandle Section and it will also be where the three Sections combine to form the "Southwest Caravan Group" and continue towards Blowing Green. Capt. Dobbins plans overnights in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Cape Girardeau Missouri. A banquet event on the fourth night in Tulsa is likely but plans for the last night on the road are still being developed. The Southwest Caravan Group will arrive in Bowling Green in the late afternoon of Wednesday, 27 Aug. 2014.

The Southern California/Southern Nevada/Southwestern Utah Organizing Team communicates with its Caravaners primarily through the "SCSNSWUT Caravan eNews" which resumed operation in January 2011. Those wanting to subscribe to the Section's electronic newsletter can make that request by emailing captainSCSN@netmotive.net. Back issues of the eNews are available by clicking the links at the right side of this web page.

Who's Running this Gig, Anyway?

"Captain" Hib Halverson
Caravan National Chairman, Paul Mariano, reappointed Hib Halverson as Section Captain for the 2014 Caravan. This will be Halverson's third time serving as Captain for the SCSNSWUT Section of the National Corvette Caravan, one of the larger Caravan Sections in the country. Halverson owns a '71 Big-Block Coupe, a '95 ZR-1, an '04 Z06/Z16 and a '12 Z06/Z07. He resides in Goleta, California and is a member of Corvette Club Santa Barbara.

"Commander" Sandy Rubel
Sandy will direct Caravaner registration operations at Ontario CA and Williams AZ. Sandy is also in charge of Route Book distribution. She was a Participant on the 2009 and served on the Organizing Team for the 2003 Caravan. She owns a '04 Z06/Z16 and a '12 Z06/Z07. She is married to Hib Halverson, is a member of Corvette Club Santa Barbara and lives in Goleta.

"Commander" Tony Megowan
Tony directs the single most labor-intensive and expensive project the Organizing Team undertakes, production of the three Caravan Sections' "Route Book". Tony, also, directed the SoCal/SoNev/SWUT Route Book project for the 2009 Caravan. He belongs to Corvette Club Santa Barbara, owns an '03 and lives in Ventura.

"Commander" Paula Megowan
Paula is married to Tony and is the SCSNSWUT Organizing Team's Chief Financial Officer and, as we get closer to the event, will work with Sandy Rubel on Caravan Registration tasks.

"Lieutenant" Fred Smith
Fred is the Local Leader for the San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara/Ventura Counties NorthFeeder Caravan. Fred will direct the SCSNSWUT Section's efforts in the north and west of its area. He will organize a departure event in the Santa Barbara area which will be run from there to our starting point in Ontario California. He'll also lead the SLO/SB/V Feeder to Ontario. Fred owns '93 and '08 Coupes.

"Lieutenant" Carol Champneys
Carol is the Local Leader for southwestern Utah and southern Nevada from Cedar City south to Las Vegas, Nevada. Champneys will organize a departure event in St. George Utah along with a stop in the Las Vegas area. Lt. Champney's "St. George/Las Vegas Feeder Caravan" will meet the main SCSNSWUT Section in Kingman, AZ just after lunch on Friday afternoon. Carol and her husband Gene are members of Color Country Corvettes of St. George, UT. They own an '07 Convertible and an '08 Z06.

"Lieutenant" Lynn Chapman
Lynn is a member of Inland Empire Corvettes, the home club for our Caravan Section's Departure, and is the liaison between the IEC and the SoCal/SoNev/SwUtah Organizing Team. Chapman will plan, organize and run the IEC's Departure activities. Lynn was a member of the Oklahoma/Texas Panhandle Section Organizing Team for the 2009 Caravan where he gained valuable experience working under veteran Section Captain "Tuna" Dobbins. Lynn lives in Calimesa, California and has a 2010 Grand Sport.

Help! Sponsors Needed.

The Southern California/Southern Nevada/Southwestern Utah Section of the 2014 National Corvette Caravan is raising money for planning, organizing and operating the event with its Sponsor Program. These special sponsors are a group of supportive individuals and businesses which, in-spite of the actual event being more than a year away, feel strongly that sponsorship of the SoCal/SoNev/SWUT Section is necessary right out of the gate. The SCSN Organizing Team wishes to thank the following early Sponsors:

The SCSNSWUT Section's eNews is sponsored by:

If you have an automotive-related business, sponsorship of the Southern California/Southern Nevada/Southwestern Utah Section of the National Corvette Caravan is a great way to get your company's name and products in front of hundreds of Corvette owners from a large area of the Southwestern United States.

Any individual or any business interested in becoming a sponsor of the Southern California/Southern Nevada Section of the 2014 Caravan should contact Hib Halverson by email at captainSCSN@netmotive.net or call 805-685-6865.

Any individual or any business wishing to advertise in the SCSNSWUT Section's "Route Book" should contact Hib Halverson by email at captainSCSN@netmotive.net or call 805-685-6865. Advertising rates are available upon request

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