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Western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia)

Welcome to the Western Canada Caravan web page. If you have not yet visited the National Corvette Museum then you will not want to miss out on the 2014 National Corvette Caravan and the National Corvette Museum's 20th Anniversary event August 28-30, 2014. Many are calling this Caravan a must do 'bucket list' thing for not only because it is very interesting but your Captains have also planned a very scenic return trip through the historic Heartland of America.

Graham Borley is the Caravan Captain for the Western Canada Caravan and along with Gary Stephen, Co-Captain - we both look forward to leading you to the National Corvette Museum and return for this fourteen day event - including 3 days in Bowling Green KY and the scenic return trip. August 22 to September 5 2014. Please email either Graham at gborley@telus.net, or Gary at glstephen@shaw.ca if you would like to join our Caravan or if you have any questions.

Graham and I would also like to welcome three Local Leaders who have recently volunteered to assist us with the Caravan:

Local Leader for the Edmonton Group is
Darwin Mulligan
Darwin Mullingan

Local Leader for the Calgary Group is
Rick Hanson
Rick Hanson

Local Leader for the Vancouver Island BC Group is
Craig Reavley
Craig Reavley

Lots of thanks to these folks who will assist in helping the Captains organize the Caravan from behind the scenes until August 2014, then they will be on the front lines leading the Caravan on Day 1 - Glad to have you all on board, it is much appreciated.

A complete itinerary with information on our routes will be available in the Route Book that Gary will distribute to all participants at least 2 months prior to the Caravan's departure. We have hotel rooms blocked and will inform all of the participants who have registered with the NCM Caravan of these hotels to allow each individual to make their own reservations as early as the hotels will accept them. To date we have over 45 cars and 84 people registered in our Caravan for the trip to Bowling Green and about 39 for the return scenic tour.

Please Registration Early- the first step!

If you haven't done so please follow these instructions and register for the 20th Anniversary NCM Caravan.


Go to www.corvettemuseum.org Place your cursor on EVENTS at the top of the page.

Scroll down to "20th anniversary caravan" and left click it. At the bottom of the page - "click here to register".

Read the registration information. Left click "click here to register for the event".

Read the waiver. Left click "accept the waiver and register for the event".

For Current NCM Members; you must log into the web site, all NCM members have a user name and password. If you forgot your password, enter your email address on the right side of the screen and click "continue". If you are in the NCM system they will email a link to set up a new password.

For Non NCM Members; enter your preferred contact email address in the box on the right side of the screen and click "continue". The next screen will say they did not findyou in their data base - please click "here" to add yourself. Left click the "here".

Complete all the required contact information, click submit. Establish a Log In and Password, create a log in name and password for yourself, passwords are case sensitive.

Click "submit changes".

Next page, read through the various caravan names and the menu of available caravans, shirts and two events. WESTERN CANADA is the one you want to register with. Back at the top of the page on the left, left click the "click here to register" area. Now on this page you can select the caravan of your choice for the DRIVER ONLY. Find WESTERN CANADA towards the top of the page and click the empty box to add a check mark in the box. If you wish to pre-order NCM event t-shirts you can choose your size.

If you wish to attend the Hall of Fame Dinner on 8/28 you may order tickets at this time. Do NOT click the NCM Ambassadors Luncheon. (that is only for Graham)

Once you have clicked the WESTERN CANADA box, left click "continue registration".

IF YOU ARE BRINGING A PASSENGER, you must click "add a guest". Complete the contact information, click "continue registration". On this next page do exactly what you did for the driver. Check off the WESTERN CANADA box and any shirt and/or dinner tickets. Click "continue registration". Confirm your information is correct and click`"complete registration". Review your choices - for non NCM members you should see $25 Registration Fee and $5 Event tickets per person plus any shirts or dinner tickets you ordered. Click "continue with checkout". Confirm your email address and click "continue with checkout".

Provide your billing information, click "continue with checkout".

You will receive a confirmation email from the NCM with your registration number.

You are now registered! The NCM updates the official registration list (roughly every 6 weeks) and provides the list to the area Captains.

Rather than wait for me to be notified by the NCM, as soon as your registration is confirmed, email me at glstephen@shaw.ca and advise me that you are registered and I will provide you with the latest information including the hotel booking information so you can book your hotels.

Thanks to the New Jersey Captain for making these registration instructions 'easier to follow'!

Route Book - the Bible
A complete itinerary of events, information, routes, etc. will be available in the Route Book you will be receiving from me around the second quarter 2014 - hopefully by June 2014. Most of it has been put together but now is fine tuning including Subway, Quizno, McDonalds, Starbucks etc stops for food and Shell fuel stops. and other points of interest. I am using MapQuest and will likely try to coordinate GPS coordinates so that you can dial things in on your Navigation system or Garmin. Route Books will be mailed directly to you unless you attend a Canadian Council of Corvette Club long weekend event as follows:

In Kananaskis AB June 28-30 weekend hosted by Corvettes Unlimited Calgary or CCCC Convention in Edmonton AB August 1 weekend hosted by Northern Corvette Owners Association.

I will be at those and other summer events and will coordinate with participants to pick up their Route Books, Flags, golf and T -shirts and Decals and the Michelin gift pack raffle tickets.

Caravan Route and Activities Planned
Our Western Canada 2014 NCM Caravan will begin from three different locations in Western Canada with the earliest start proposed for Thursday from the ferry terminal - Sydney, Vancouver Island whereas the Saskatchewan group, Edmonton and Calgary groups will start at various times on Friday, August 22, 2014 with the following Schedule (all of course this will be subject to (minor??) change):

Vancouver Island Group Day 0 Thursday August 21 - will travel early departing the BC Ferry terminal Sydney at 800 Thursday August 21 and travel via scenic Hwy 3 to Grand Forks, BC where they will stay for the night. The group departs at 9am following the Hwy 3 arriving in Lethbridge AB at 6 pm where they will join the Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatchewan groups.

Saskatchewan Group Day 1, Friday, August 22 - this group will depart Saskatoon at 8am and meet up in Eastern Alberta near Oyen and travel south on Hwy 41 to Hwy 1 then heading east on Hwy 3 arriving in Lethbridge at 6 pm.

Edmonton Group Day 1 Friday August 22 - this group will depart at the oil derrick information centre at 11 am at the south entrance to Edmonton on Hwy 2 heading south to meet at Graham Borley's 'garagemahal' in Red Deer before heading south on Hwy 2 to meet up with the Calgary group at 230 pm at the Aldersyde PetroCanada/weigh station.

Calgary Group Day 1 Friday, August 22 - Departure at 3pm at the Aldersyde PetroCanada/weigh station joining up with the Edmonton Group and travel south on Hwy 2 then to o Hwy 4 into Lethbridge. Corvettes Unlimited Club Calgary members will be accompanying the Caravan to Lethbridge and will be sponsoring a 'sendoff dinner & reception'.

Day 2, Saturday, August 23)
Our Caravan leaves Lethbridge AB early crossing the US border then stopping for lunch in Great Falls MT - some local Corvette owners will join us and travel to Bozeman and then Billings with us. The Western Canada Caravan will be joining up with the Pacific North West Caravan including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska in Bozeman, MT. From there along with route every day additional Caravans will join us - from Northern CA, NV, UT, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansa and Missouri. As we get closer to Bowling Green, the Caravan will grow just like the excitement!

In Bozeman, we have an invitation from Ressler Chevrolet at his private ranch to view the #3 Corvette, and a large private collection of Corvettes and other collectible vehicles. We want to respect the owner of the collection so we will give the directions on the caravan to the ranch location near our caravan departure time. From Bozeman after a BBQ we travel onto Billings, MT.

Day 3, Sunday, August 24)
Billings to Casper for lunch with the WY Captain, Lynn McBride's Wyoming Caravan, (a small donation will be accepted), and a visit if you want to the local Pioneer Museum (Fort Casper), then to Cheyenne with more of the Wyoming Caravan and the Northern California / Nevada and Utah Caravan join, led by their Captain, Don Herzer are scheduled to join in. The Wyoming Captain also has arranged for us to visit the Cheyenne Depot Museum from 5:00 - 8:00pm. There is a small entry charge for this, but try to plan on being there - meeting new and like minded Corvette people is also what this Caravan is about.

Day 4, Monday, August 25)
Cheyenne to North Platte, NE for lunch, or if you chose, onto Kearney, at the Great Platte River Arch Museum for a trip through our past history of the Prairie crossings, and onto Lincoln, NE. The Nebraska Caravan and Colorado Caravan join us here.

Day 5, Tuesday, August 26)
Our Caravan will tour the Museum of American Speed (thanks to Bruce Younglove, and Bill Zuspan, the Nebraska Captains) in Lincoln, NE. Plans are in the works for our lunch stop. The caravan will then travel to Columbia, MO, to join the Kansas / Missouri Caravan.

Day 6, Wednesday, August 27)
We are planning our launch point from the Columbia, MO area, led by the KS/MO Captain, Joe Moncado. We are planning on gathering at the Columbia Mall, with a 7:30 AM launch time August 27, 2014. We will travel to Mount Vernon, IL where we will stop for lunch. There is anticipation we will regroup, joining with other caravans, once again, near Bowling Green just prior to making our grand entrance. We will provide more information about staging sites etc as we plan for our arrival time slot at Bowling Green.

It is VERY important that the Caravan stays together as much as possible during the trip, but it is especially important during our last 3-4 days of travel. The areas surrounding our stops are expecting us at certain times of the days and to help accommodate all, please follow the directions and roads that are given by the Local Leaders. Our Western Canada Caravan may be upwards of 50 cars, but when you add hundreds of other Caravan sections we will need to pay attention to directions and instructions in the Route Book and of course the Local Leader's instructions for the day. Another fun aspect of this trip is traveling down a road filled with Corvettes (yes also some Chevy or GMC support vehicles and trailers with Corvettes inside them!) - hundreds if not a thousand of them! That is also another reason why you need flags and decals on your cars while we travel through these places - the locals will love it too!

OUR Arrival at the NCM in Bowling Green, KY:
Our plan is to arrive in Bowling Green, on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 an enter the compound for our scheduled 4:30 pm time slot. This means that we have 3 days and 4 evenings in the Bowling Green area of KY to participate in the local areas festivities, events, tours, and landmarks.

Corvette Assembly Plant Tour
Registration for the Assembly Plant opened October 2, 2013 and I was one of the lucky ones to secure 75 spots for the Western Canada Caravan participants for Thursday August 28. Unfortunately they were all spoken for a day later and there is now a waiting list but don't despair as a few of early registrants have advised me that will not be able to attend so as we get closer to the Caravan there may be availability!!

Museum Tours and Seminars/activities
Your Registration fee includes self guided tours of the National Corvette Museum that can be taken anytime during the Museums posted hours during our visit Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The seminar schedule and separate road trip tours will be self-guided and directions will be available at the Museum. We have tried to be flexible and not plan any activities while in Bowling Green so that you can do your own thing. NCM Seminars will be repeated as much as possible, Thursday, Friday and some Saturday also.

I have had quite a few requests to have a Friday or Saturday tour of 'Tail of the Dragon' or 'Devils Triangle tour' so I will organize that so people can sign up as they see fit - note it is about 3.5 hours each way to get there then an hour or so to drive the 318 curves through 11 miles - we can also come back via the longer Cherohala skyway - so about 12 hour day!

Also, Nashville has some great venues - Grand Ole Opry, the Tennessee civil war museum and the music museum as top tourist sites that some have expressed interest in viewing and we may plan a side tour or afternoon/evening trip. It is up to you to pick and choose what and when you want to do things so even plan your own - we are trying to be flexible here to make your visit and experience memorable!

Graham and Gary's Scenic Return Trip
Graham and I are also planning a very scenic return trip for those who want to come along for this unforgettable experience, so let us know if you want to come along! Here is what we have tentatively planned:

Sunday August 31, 2014
Drive from Bowling Green, KY to Effingham, Illinois taking back roads crossing from Kentucky into Illinois on a ferry across the Ohio River at the Cave in Rock State Park where we will stop for lunch and fuel. Once we arrive in Effingham late afternoon we will be guests at Mid America Motorworks and we get to visit the "My Garage Museum".

Monday September 1, 2014
Drive from Effingham, Illinois to Hannibal, MO. (Home of Mark Twain's tales about Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn) From Effingham we will go to Litchfield, Illinois to get on the Old Route 66 (a couple of original gas stations are on this route, great for photo opportunities) down to Mt. Olive then go across the Mississippi River at St. Louis. From there we take the scenic route on the west bank of the Mississippi River up to Hannibal, MO going through Louisiana, MO. The plan is to visit the museum then take a Paddle wheeler dinner cruise on the Mississippi that evening.

Tuesday September 2, 2014
Drive from Hannibal, MO. to Sioux City IA. With a noon hour stop in Winterset, IA. Winterset is the hometown of John Wayne and the John Wayne Museum is located there. It is also in the heart of Madison County and the remaining 6 covered bridges are all within a few miles of the town.(no we won't travel any gravel roads to visit any bridges) The movie, Bridges of Madison County, was filmed here.

Wednesday September 3, 2014
Drive from Sioux City IA. To Deadwood, SD so mostly a Freeway run to clear the carbon out of our Corvettes! Stop for a photo shoot at Mount Rushmore in the afternoon then through the Black Hills to Deadwood SD.

Thursday September 4, 2014
A scenic drive from Deadwood, SD. via Hwy 14A to Spearfish north to Belle Fourche west of US 212 for late lunch at a divey biker bar - the Stoneville Saloon in Alzada MT then follow US 212 the Little Bighorn Battlefield at Crow Agency. After a tour of the Battlefield monument we continue on to Billings MT.

Friday September 5, 2014
Departing Billings MT we will take the scenic trip via Hwy 3 into Great Falls where we will stop for lunch, crossing the border in mid afternoon and heading home.

Yes you can make our Caravan successful by sponsoring an Ad in the Route Book or just a plain old donation by individuals or businesses. If you are interested in a Sponsorship donation, or if you know a business or individual, who would like to provide a Sponsorship donation, please contact me at glstephen@shaw.ca or 403-251-7067.

We are pleased to have the following sponsors who have provided services or donations and signed up to the end of FEB 2014:
Corvettes Unlimited Club Calgary AB
Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs - Western Region
Shaganappi GM - Calgary AB
Blaskin and Lane Tire Centre Calgary AB
Canmark Print Ltd - Calgary AB
C&G Energy Associates Inc - Calgary AB
Keith and Sally Sadler - Calgary AB
Tim The Magnet Guy - Calgary AB
VS Truck Works - Oyen AB
Western Corvette Services - Calgary AB
The Drain Dr - Calgary AB
Classic and Performance Cars Ltd - Delta BC
PartSource Canada - Winnipeg MB
Mobil 1 Canada
Davenport Motorsports - Calgary AB
Petro Canada Ultra 94
Michelin USA
Ressler Chevrolet, Bozeman MT
Mid America Motorworks - Effingham, IL
Ken Chase - Calgary, AB
Marshall Automotive (PR) LTD, Peace River AB

Please visit and support our sponsors as often as you can if you are in need of their services and for their sponsorship we thank them for their generous donations to make this Caravan possible. Their ads will be in the Route Book. Great job!

Flags, Static Cling Decals, Logo
Lots of Flags and static cling decals still for sale but thanks to those who have purchased them so far. A number that have signed up have not yet advised if they want one - please email me with your requests. Our sponsor Tim the Magnet Guy has designed a couple of logos for the Western Canada Caravan - and the one with the C7 appears to have more positive responses so we will go with that one save for some minor changes.

Western Canada Caravan Shirts
I would like to know how many people would like to order Caravan Clothing for the Western Canada Caravan. Through our supplier/organizer Ken Chase, we have obtained some good prices for embroidered men's and ladies golf shirts. Prices for Ash City golf shirts which are 100% polyester in Royal Blue w/black and are moisture wicking and colourfast, are ~ estimated at $40 each.

The golf shirts are also shown below. Submit your orders to me at glstephen@shaw.ca by the end of March with your size and men's or women's, so we can receive our order and have them before the May Long Weekend start of the summer season and wear proudly to Corvette or cruising events! I would plan on delivering them at the CCCC events noted above or mail them to you(at your cost - but may combine with decals/flags route books etc).

Note that there is a great selection of participant NCM gear on their website that you can order - I have ordered a few NCM CAPTAIN shirts that they allow Graham and me to buy and will be wearing them to events this summer also.(You can never have enough Corvette Apparel!!)

I am also pursuing ordering T shirts through Marks Work Warehouse Imagewear. The price will include the caravan logo embroidered/plasticized on the shirt or pressed onto front and rear of T shirt. T shirts are in the $6.99 to $16.99 range for inexpensive to better ones plus logo, so I am still working out details with the MWW supplier.

I will be sending out an email updating both shirts status to all WCC members so watch for details.

Michelin Gift Pack - Raffle
As a proud sponsor of the Caravan, Michelin provided each Captain with a gift pack( a playmate cooler packed with goodies, tools and equipment) The plan will be to sell raffle tickets to raise money for our Caravan to offset the costs of events/route book/etc. I plan on selling raffle tickets at all Corvettes Unlimited events this summer in Calgary, weekly Grey Eagle Casino Wednesday cruise events and at four Canadian Council of Corvette clubs events in Kelowna May 16-18, possibly Prince George on June 14-15, Calgary/Kananaskis event June 29-30, Edmonton August 2-3 which is when we will draw for the prize. I encourage your participation and will take email orders for those who can't attend any of the summer events - mail your tickets to you! Tickets will be $3, 2 for $5 and 5 for $10. I should have them ready to go next month.

Travel Documents - Passports
VERY IMPORTANT to check the expiry date of your passport because it must be minimum 6 months beyond the departure date OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT BE GRANTED ENTRY INTO THE US AT THE BORDER CROSSING AT COUTTS. This means that if your passport expires March 5 2015 or earlier - GET IT RENEWED NOW OR YOU WON'T BE COMING WITH US!!

Communications while on Caravan
We are recommending that each Corvette have a 2 way radio to listen to what is going on/communicate etc. I will provide more information in the coming weeks about type as most FRS/GMRS Cobra/Motorola radios set to a certain channel should suffice. I do know that at least a dozen Corvettes Unlimited members have Motorola type radios which will work if set to the correct frequency as the standard Cobra type radios. Of course a cell phone (ask your Canadian provider to get a US plan to reduce 'stupid' expensive roaming charges when using it) will likely be a standard for each of us as will a Garmin type device (interestingly I have found that the route I have chosen via Bing maps or MapQuest shown in the Route is not necessarily the one Garmin shows...but with all that info surely we won't get lost!). I also plan on bringing my laptop to use for skype and to check emails at night (free wifi at almost all hotels we have booked) just in case issues arise during the trip (again to eliminate huge roaming and data charges to my iphone).

Graham Borley & Gary Stephen
Western Canada Captains

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