Updated 4/19/14


Welcome to the Florida State Caravan Page!!!!

Things are really starting to spool up and I'm getting a little busier every day. That means the National Corvette Museum is too. On that note may I please address this issue? If you have ANY questions about the 2014 National Corvette Caravan, please run them through me or Paul Mariano, Caravan Chairman, before contacting the museum.

On this web page I ask for a copy of your National Corvette Caravan registration to ensure you are registered before I allow any track day event sessions to be purchased. If you accidentally delete the email confirmation you get from the museum you can look for the email in your email trash bin or log back onto the museum website, go under Member Services, log in and it will have a list of Events Already Registered For. I appreciate you all very much for doing this extra step for me to help make my end a little less hectic.

The museum has posted the list of activities for the party on their website. Go under events and click on the "2014 Events" link, then click on the "20th Anniversary Celebration / Corvette Caravans August 27-30" or "Hall of Fame Induction BQT August 29" link and sign up before they fill up!!!

What was updated in this edition...
I have been asked to make it easier to find the updated material since this page has so much information to keep up with. I will use this paragraph to briefly highlight the subjects that have been updated or revised on this page.

  • Museum Activities posted for review. Most Sign-up's for Events/Tours will be at the museum.
  • Posting of "In-Progress" Driver Handbook, everyone please review. Also available under "Tentative schedule of events leading up to Bowling Green's arrival:" and "Florida State Route Book" sections.
  • Registered Caravan numbers updated, very impressive!!!
  • "Kick-Off Party, August 26th, 2014" information added; Convertibles can go on track!
  • Track Entry decal information updated.
  • Track Day Session Arrival Time information update.
  • Classroom sessions (8am & 1pm) are mandatory for Hot Lappers, but open to everyone.
  • I am accepting sponsorship donations of products/gift certificates to raffle off during the Kick-Off Party. If you want to donate to the Raffle Fund please contact me. cdcat6@aol.com / 954-260-8598
  • Vendors at the Track: starting to trickle in…=0)
  • I've been asked to explain in more detail "What is a track day?" information update.
  • Garage spaces for sale. $25.00; First come first serve. I will notify you of your assigned space and when I am sold out here on this page.

Clarification of the National Corvette Museum Registration...
Recently I called a few people to ask them to go back to edit their registration with the museum. I asked them to make sure to select the Florida State Caravan $5 selection so that they will be assigned a caravan and captain. This also allows the museum to know what Captain to mail the window stickers to as another level of confirmation of your paid registration that is required for events along your route to the museum. I was wrong when I said you have to have them to get onto the property at Bowling Green during the event. I apologize for any unneccessary drama this information caused. I am putting together my Florida Drivers Handbook at this time. Only the Florida Caravan Participants will get a copy of the printed Florida Caravan Drivers Handbook. I will have the handbook available on-line for anyone to download for free. If you have any questions please contact me at 954-260-8598, 954-260-8598, or cdcat6@aol.com.

The follow link is the "in-progress" Driver's Handbook. Even though it is not completed I wanted you all to be able to view and read it well in advance of the Caravan so that everyone stays as well informed as possible about this event.
Driver's Handbook

I have been asked to post the Registered Participant Numbers;
There are several Floridians that are not registered with the Florida Caravan because they are not doing our events or caravan.

  • The Total Participants are 5647
  • The Total Florida Participants are 413

National Corvette Caravan Registration Link…

Kick-Off Party, August 26th, 2014
I am happy to announce that Sebring International Raceway has us on the schedule for Tuesday, August 26, 2014. We have the Full 12-Hour course reserved for our Kick-Off Party followed by a Hospitality Dinner at our host hotel "Chateau Elan" next door. Yes, we get to take our Corvettes on the race track in groups to enjoy what our Corvettes were built to do!!! (This includes Convertibles too!!!)

Kick-Off Day Events for August 26th, 2014

Sebring Track Access will be $5.00 per car prior to order deadline (7/31/2014)
and $10:00 on Track Day

(Please understand this is not the same $5 you were asked to pay when registering for the National Corvette Caravan.)

I have to obtain Insurance for the Track Day Event and will be charging per car entering Sebring International Raceway, even if you do not go on track. You will be receiving a 2 1/2" round Florida Caravan Commemorative window cling to put on the inside lower driver-side of your windshield for each car entry fee paid to expedite entry onto the track property for orders received prior to 7/31/2014. If you wait until the day of the event to pay to enter the track, window clings are not guaranteed. If you wait until the day of the event to pay to enter the track the price will be $10.

I am now accepting orders for our Kick-Off Party. The track gates will open at 6:00am and close at 8:00pm like any other track event.

Registration for the 2014 National Corvette Caravan is separate from our events and everyone will have to show proof of Caravan registration when ordering and at the track gate and Banquet the day of the Kick-Off Party, August 26th, 2014. Please keep a copy of your email confirmation when you register with the museum.

The Museum will be sending me the window sticker you will need from Aug 26th-30th, 2014. I will be mailing these out to the registered participants prior to the event for you to already have on your windshield along with the track entry window cling. This will count as your confirmation. If you wait too long to register and do not have the museum confirmation sticker you will need to show your email confirmation documentation at the track. So; do not wait to get registered and end up having to wait in line more than you have to. =0)

As the event gets nearer I will post a schedule of the track day sessions.

Once you get through the gate after signing the Sebring's Track Liability Waiver, please find a shady place to park. I will be using the first few garage spaces for Tech, but the remaining spaces will be first come first serve availability for $25.00 for the whole day. Mail me a check for $25.00. I will notify you of your assigned space and I will notify everyone here when I am sold out.

Make out check and mail to:
Carrie Sue DeLeon
1820 Waterford Drive #2
Vero Beach, Florida 32966

Some people are using the garage spaces as sitting areas to be out of the sun along with keeping their cars out of the sun all day instead of baking in the hotel parking lot.

Click to download the Kick-Off Day Event Order Form

Then you will all need to proceed to the 3rd floor Media Room to check in at Registration for your appropriate track wristbands and to sign my event liability waivers; then let the fun begin. =0)

I am also obtaining the Club Level Suit Area for your comfort while you wait for your session time or just want to watch the day’s activities in the comfort of some a/c.

I am happy to announce that Art's Mobile Car Wash (863-382-9703) will be at the track all day Tuesday, 8/26/2014, to make sure our cars are pretty for the caravan to Atlanta the next day.
Art's Mobile Car Wash

Track Day Slots:
Track time will start at 9am; finishing at 5pm. Then we'll go next door to Chateau Elan for our Banquet (6:30pm-11pm). Please order your track events in advance to expedite registration on the day of the event. There are limited slots available and if you wait until the track day to purchase an activity I may have to announce slots are sold out. Don't miss an opportunity to say you've been on the track, please buy your slots in advance.

The Track Day Schedule will run the same for every hour from 9am to 4pm, ending at 5pm:

9:00am - 9:25am : Parade Laps
Maximum 75 cars per Session

9:30am - 9:45am : Hot Laps
Maximum 15 cars per session

9:45am - 10:00am : Hot Laps
Maximum 15 cars per session

Schedule permitting, Andy Pilgrim will be joining us as our Grand Marshall. In the past Andy has entertained us with his graceful skillset at driving these beautiful machines. If Andy is able to make it we will allow him to drive you in your car for 5 Hot Laps during the Hot Lap Sessions for $175.00.

If you are arriving well after the track gates open and want to have your track session scheduled for later in the day; please note that on the order form when you mail in your payment. First come first serve, but as long as I know ahead of time it should not be a problem. Hot Laps will have mandatory classroom time in the morning and after lunch, so plan your arrival accordingly please.

Grand Marshall Andy Pilgrim
Andy Pilgrim

  • Andy Pilgrim was born in the UK and came to the US in the early 1980’s. He became a US citizen in 1998.
  • Andy has been a professional race driver for 30 years and is currently a Pro driver for GM Racing’s Team Cadillac. Andy has won 5 Championships and 64 races so far in his professional racing career. Andy has won 7 "Major" races including The Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, 3 times, the 12 hours of Sebring, 2 times and Petit Le Mans, 2 times. In 2001, Andy raced with his good friends Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kelly Collins in the 2001 Rolex 24 hours of Daytona and has done NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide road races as recently as 2011.
  • In 1989, Andy started and still owns, Electronic Computer Services Inc. a computer consulting company that is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The company currently has about 70 employees.
  • Andy started speaking to high school students about 20 years ago about the dangers of distracted driving as a give back project, after witnessing needless reckless and distracted driving issues in his every day driving.
  • In 2008, he started the Andy Pilgrim Foundation, with the goal to raise awareness of the deadly problems associated with distracted driving and unsafe driving behavior and to educate new drivers and adults; to enable them to make safer choices while driving.
  • For additional information, please visit:

There will be 2 Driver Instruction Classroom Sessions; one at 8am and one at 1pm. It will be mandatory for the Hot Lap Drivers to attend one of the classes, but the classes are open to anyone.

The Volunteer Instructors will be available to ride along for one lap to further show you the correct line so you may thoroughly enjoy your track time. This instructional lap will not count against the 5 Hot Laps you already paid for, but be in addition to as a bonus. My instructors are limited, so this bonus will be on a first come first serve bases; but well worth the wait if I have several requests.

As I get this portion more organized I will keep you all updated. Got a suggestion or want to be a Driving Coach Volunteer…contact me cdcat6@aol.com / 954-260-8598.

I would consider myself an Educated Adventurist. If you are the same here are a few links to review to familiarize yourself with Sebring Raceway:

It is not intended for you to memorize this information like I did, but to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the racetrack so that when you get on the track you'll be more comfortable than just going out blind and un-schooled. Most "Fear" is lack of education about a subject you are entering into and I want everyone to have the best time ever!!!!

Lead Instructor:
Terry Earwood
Terry Earwood

  • Chief Instructor Road Atlanta 1978-1984.
  • Lead, and the Chief Instructor, Skip Barber Racing School 1984-2009.
  • Authored Skip Barber Driving School curriculums.
  • 1996 IMSA National Touring Endurance Class Champion.
  • Winningest Driver IMSA Firehawk Street Stock (now Continental Tire Challenge).
  • 1996 Inducted Southeastern NHRA Hall of Fame, Don Garlits Museum.
  • 2002 Inducted East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame.
  • 2009 Named BFGoodrich Man of The Year.
  • Currently competing SCCA enduro Spec Miata, and NHRA Super Stock Camaro.
  • 2013 SCCA Pro Racing Cup MX5 Chief Steward.
  • 2011-13 NARRA Chief Steward.
  • Owns C1 and C6 Corvette.
  • BFGoodrich Team Driver 2013 Baja 1000
    ...in a nutshell we won the Baja Challenge class fr BFGoodrich. 3 pairs of drivers, or 6 of us on the team, each pair in the car about 8 hours. Sadly, the crew I handed the car to at nite got stuck and even hit, in the silt beds and their 8 hour stint lasted 12 hours! Thankfully, they weren't hurt when a Trophy truck hit them, but the truck had to be euthanized!

Pace Car Drivers and Instructors:

Larry Schumacher
Larry Schumacher

Michael DeFontes
Michael DeFontes
Professional sportscar racing driver with 20+ years of experience. Factory supported driver for Nissan, GM, Ford, and Saleen. Goal is to get back full time in the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship with a top team and promote companies' products and services, or to teach/demo new cars at arrive and drives.

Volunteer Instructor:
Robert Callery, DDS
Robert Callery DDS

  • 2005 Private Instruction with Paul Mazzacane in race prepped C5-Rs with Rathmann Racing at Sebring.
  • Highlights include an invitation to “Race Against the Editors” for the Car and Driver 50th Anniversary in Indianpolis.
  • Charity event driving open wheeled Indy Cars (speed limited to 150mph) and achieving the top speed award of 149.9mph at Las Vegas Motorspeedway.
  • 2012 took the year off cars and raced offshore boats in the P1 Professional Series, taking a 3rd place podium finish at the prestigious Detroit Gold Cup.
  • 2008-present Instructing for the SCCA/ Tire Rack Street Survival schools.
  • Currently instructing for the National Corvette Museum HPDE's Sebring and VIR.
  • SCCA PDX Instructor Sebring.

Gulf Coast AutocrossersSolo Autocross:
I am very happy to announce The Gulf Coast Autocrossers ( http://gulfcoastautocrossers.com/ ) will come and orchestrate the solo autocross event at Sebring. The runs will be $10 per run or 6 runs for $50. I will need a printed copy of your NCM Caravan Registration when ordering track day events and banquet tickets.

The autocross personal will gladly ride along to show you the course before you do your first paid run free of charge. Any additional ride-alongs will count as a run and will be charged for.

There will be awards given out at the banquet for fastest runs. Number of awards to be determined.

Click to download the Kick-Off Day Event Order Form

Make out check and mail to:
Carrie Sue DeLeon
1820 Waterford Drive #2
Vero Beach, Florida 32966
(...and yes you can submit one check for everything you order on the different forms.)

The Banquet will begin at 6:30pm August 26th, 2014 and run until 11pm. The price will be $40.00 per person prior to order deadline (7/31/2014) and $60.00 per person the night of the Banquet.

I have selected the following as our menu…

Sliced Prime Rib au jus
Chicken Picatta
Poached Salmon

Pasta Salad
Strawberry Delight

Roasted Seasonal Vegetable
Oven Roasted Red Skin Potatoes
Macaroni & Cheese

Chateau Elan will have a cash bar available during the Banquet.

I have booked 2 comedians for the time frame of 7:00pm til 8:30pm; Brian Thomas and Jeff Zenisek from Jacksonville, Florida. These men will bring in a local comedian to Host their act. It will be a fun night!!!

Brian Thomas

Jeff Zenisek

Before and after the comedy act we will have Bobbi and Donald from http://www.singitkaraoke.net/. There will be a little DJ'ing and a little karaoke and a fun time had by all.

You will be receiving a wristband for each Banquet fee paid to expedite entry for orders received prior to 7/31/2014.

Kick-Off Party, August 26th, 2014, Order Form:
Click to download the Kick-Off Day Event Order Form

Kindly fill out the Order Form above: then please send the completed form and a check payable to:

Make sure to include a copy of your 2014 National Corvette Caravan Registration Confirmation with Order Form.

Carrie Sue DeLeon
1820 Waterford Drive #2
Vero Beach, Fl. 32966

After you enter the track and find some shady place to park, everyone needs to report to registration to check-in for your track day events and receive instructions along with wristbands.

Click to download the Vendor Order/Waiver Form
Vendor Spots are being sold at $20.00 per vendor. Spaces will be first come first serve. Fill out the order form/waiver above, make check payable to: Carrie Sue DeLeon, and mail to my address on the form. The Sebring Track Gate will open at 6am for those that want to be the early bird and everyone has to be off track property by 7pm and gate will lock at 8pm.

Make out check and mail to:
Carrie Sue DeLeon
1820 Waterford Drive #2
Vero Beach, Florida 32966

As we get closer to the event I will contact each vendor to get a list of vehicles and helpers that will need entry credentials on the day of the event.

Lifestyle Fitness 24/7
6194 20th St.
Vero Beach, FL, United States 32966-1023

Fitness Trainer
Aaron Wingate
Vibrant energy, weight loss and core nutrition

Thank you!!!

Florida Caravan Sponsorship Donations of product/gift certificates for the raffle-50/50 were made by the following...

  • A BIG "Thank you" to Michelin for the "Michelin goodie pack".

Thank you!!!


Tentative schedule of events leading up to Bowling Green's arrival:

I'm attaching a pdf copy of the Florida Corvette Caravan Driver Handbook while it is in-progress of being completed. I'm doing this so that everyone has time to review it thoroughly and get any pertinent information from it that will help in advance to prepare for the event. I will make a note here when it is the final cut. If you have any suggestions about the book please send them to me; cdcat6@aol.com.
Driver's Handbook



All day activities at Sebring International Raceway (6am-5pm), that evenings Banquet at Chateau Elan (6:30pm-11pm).

50/50-Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the day. The prizes will be awarded by randomly drawn 50/50-Raffle tickets during the banquet. All prize tickets will be saved and will be part of the 50/50 drawing once all prizes are given out. You will have to be present to win prizes and 50/50.



Leave around 7am from Sebring, Florida. We will caravan North on US-27 to the Turnpike to join I-75 North to Atlanta, Georgia. Click the link to download a copy of the route. Florida Corvette Caravan Route for August 27, 2014

At the Okahumpka Service Plaza they will have a Dunkin Donuts.

At the Lake City, Florida exit I have been given this information for your restaurant choices;
Mike's Café and Grille ( http://www.mikescafeandgrille.com/ ) Is extending a 10% discount off your bill plus they are a BYOB establishment.
Ruby Tuesday ( http://www.rubytuesday.com/ ) Says go to their web page and sign up for "So Connected" to get coupons to use towards your bill.
Olive Garden ( http://www.olivegarden.com/ ) They give a 25% discount for AAA members.
LongHorn Steakhouse ( http://www.longhornsteakhouse.com/ ) James will give you 10% off your bill.

If you are unable to start with us you can email me your cell phone number with the mile marker location you will be waiting for us to pass by so that you may blend in and join the caravan or be waiting for us at one of our stops. Along the route I will have contacted the local police departments and Chevrolet Dealerships asking for them to provide priority service to any Caravaneer that needs assistance during the caravan. We will also be using hand held Walkie Talkies to communicate and make announcements while enroute. The Florida Caravan will use Channel 7. The brand of radio I have is the Motorola Talkabout Series T5000/T5500



We will be staging with the Atlanta group in the old Kmart parking lot off Exit 278, I-75 at 7 a.m. and plan to leave around 8 a.m. We will take a break at South Pittsburg, Tenn., about two hours later.

Here is the mapquest location for the Staging Area for the morning of August 28th.
5200 Cherokee St, Acworth, GA 30101-7402

More details coming, but this should get your early birds able to make hotel reservations. Our planned arrival to the Museum will be approximately 3pm. Here is the Georgia Captains web page address http://www.corvettecaravan.com/ga/; please review it for his current information for the Georgia Area Events.

August 29th thru 30th, 2014: Party at the National Corvette Museum !!!

For all of you inquiring about hotel rooms in Bowling Green during the 20th Anniversary Celebration next year, I can now let you know that the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau has established a website showing those hotels that have rooms available. The BGC&VB will maintain this page and update as they receive inputs from the hotels. As time progresses we know that cancellations will be occurring and when they do, the hotel will provide the information for this page. The good folk there deserve our sincere thanks and gratitude for taking on this task and making every effort to ensure we have a great event. Please do not call them for information as this site was established to cut down on the contacts with both them, the NCM, and myself.
The URL is www.vettecaravan2014.com.

Paul Mariano
National Chair
2014 NCM Caravan

NCM 20th Annual Anniversary Celebration

  • Thursday, August 28 thru Saturday, August 30 2014.
    • Assembly Plant Tours
      • Plant tours during Caravan times usually were continuous tours, guides were stationed along the line instead of taking groups in 2009. There has been no word to this happening for this event. The Plant opened registration for Plant Tours and were booked full in just the first days.
      • Visit the Corvette Assembly Plant www.bowlinggreenassemblyplant.com website often to stay abreast of their plans for us.
      • Please be understanding that the NCM and assembly plant are independent of each other. Once a plan has been approved for the plant tours an announcement will be posted..

Florida State Route Book
I'm attaching a pdf copy of the Florida Corvette Caravan Driver Handbook while it is in-progress of being completed. I'm doing this so that everyone has time to review it thoroughly and get any pertinent information from it that will help in advance to prepare for the event. I will make a note here when it is the final cut. If you have any suggestions about the book please send them to me; cdcat6@aol.com.
Driver's Handbook

  • We are selling ads in our route book, which will fund the Route Book publication.
  • We encourage ALL Florida State Corvette Clubs to purchase an ad. For more information, please contact me at cdcat6@aol.com / 954-260-8598.

Caravan Sponsors are Needed

If you know of an individual or business that may be interested in becoming a Sponsor, please contact me at 954-260-8598. Sponsorships in the Driver's Handbook to decals on our state shirt along with the recognition on the Captain's Page will start at $25.00. If you have an idea, I'll listen.

If any Florida Corvette Club would like to make a donation from proceeds from a show, as always the Museum is a Not-For-Profit Organization and all work and donations to help with this event are tax deductible.

I am accepting sponsorship donations of products/gift certificates to raffle off during the Kick-Off Party. If you want to donate to the Raffle Fund please contact me cdcat6@aol.com / 954-260-8598.


Florida State Caravan Shirt
Here is the shirt design...

Front Crest


NOTE: I have chosen to have the yellowish ink color on the black shirts and tops to be printed with "Glow in the Dark" Ink. This is not an option; it is standard OEM for the black shirts. The white and yellowish color writing for the white shirts and tops will of course be in black (Not "Glow in the Dark" Ink).

Below are the styles of tops I have arranged for purchase to allow you all to show your Corvette Pride. Anyone can order Caravan Swag, you do not have to be a participant.

Florida Caravan Tops and Shirts Style # Price Available Sizes
White T-shirt 5000 $15.00 S-5XL
Black T-shirt 5000 $15.00 S-5XL
Men's Polo - White 8800 $20.00 S-5XL
Men's Polo - Black 8800 $20.00 S-5XL
Men's Black Dri-Fit Polo ST650 $25.00 XS-4XL
Ladies Black Dri-Fit Polo LST650 $25.00 XS-4XL
Men's White Dri-Fit Polo ST650 $25.00 XS-4XL
Ladies White Dri-Fit Polo LST650 $25.00 XS-4XL
XXL - add $1.50   XXXL & up - add $2.50

How to order a Shirt or Top

Kindly fill out the Shirt/Top Order Form: The 2014 Florida State Caravan Shirt Official Order Form, then please send the completed form and a check for the price of the shirt plus $5.00 for Shipping & Handling per shirt to:

Carrie Sue DeLeon
1820 Waterford Drive #2
Vero Beach, Fl. 32966

*Please be advised I have to have a minimum order of 35 shirts to get more shirts made. If I do not have your size and type/color in stock, it will be sent as soon as I can get an order in. Please have patience and order early to ensure you have a shirt for the caravan.

2014 NCM Caravan Flag & Rear Window Static Clings available for order:

2014 Caravan Flag
Caravan Flag
Available for $15.00 each.

2014 Static Cling
Rear Window Static Cling
Available for $10.00 each.
Note: Actual lettering is white.

To place your order:

  • Click and print the 2014 Caravan Flag & Rear Window Static Cling Order Form.
    Flag & Static Cling Order Form
  • Complete the order form and follow payment method on the form.
  • Your order will be filled and mailed to you upon receipt.

Make out check and mail to:
Carrie Sue DeLeon
1820 Waterford Drive #2
Vero Beach, Florida 32966

I've been asked to explain in more detail "What is a track day?"

To start with, we have the Sebring International Raceway to ourselves on 8/26/2014. You must have registered for the caravan to enter the gate or be an invited guest/vendor. Helmets will be required for Hot Lap Sessions, and optional for the Solo Autocross Sessions and Parade Laps.

I would like to have vendors for the participants to engage with; if you know anyone that would prosper from the exposure please put them in contact with me. cdcat6@aol.com / 954-260-8598. Vendors spots are $20.00.

I will be working up a schedule for "on track" time in the near future. For those that have never done a track day with their cars I recommend the Parade Laps to get your feet wet with. They will be done at a pace similar to driving your car around the neighborhood with a Pace Car. At no time should you feel nervous, exactly the opposite will happen, and you'll leave the track with a smile on your face wishing for more. This will be a 25 minute timed session. At this time you'll want to purchase a Hot Lap session and push just a little bit harder and smile a whole lot more. Convertibles are welcome!

The next level will be Hot Laps. You'll be able to put your cars in Competition Mode for 5 awesome laps. =0) There will be a Pace Car driving the Race Line that will not exceed 100mph on the straights and obviously slower in the corners. Also keep in mind you do not have to keep up with the Pace Car and there will be a lot fewer cars on track for this type session. My goal is to have several of the very talented race car drivers that live here locally in Florida be on hand at the track. My goal is to have the Instructors at the Mandatory Classroom for the Hot Lappers. The classroom session is open to everyone. When is is your turn for Hot Laps report to Pit Lane. You'll have the opportunity to have one of the Instructors ride with you for one lap to go over what we showed you in class. Bring in the Instructor after 1 lap, pick up your +1 and go out for your 5 Hot Laps.

Andy Pilgrim will be available for the opportunity during the Hot Lap sessions to take you for a ride in your own car to show you what your Corvette is capable of. It won't be at full racing speed of course, but Andy will suit it to your wishes I'm sure.

I'm assuming the track will have their concessions open or you may bring your own picnic. I am also trying to acquire various food vendors to be at the track. If that does not suit your taste you have the hotel and the local restaurants to choose from.

You are not obligated to caravan with us or even go to Bowling Green, Ky. for the whole weekend, but it will be a requirement to be registered for the caravan to enter the Track and the Hospitality Banquet on August 26, 2014.

As in the past, schedule permitting, Andy Pilgrim has been our Honorary Grand Marshall. He has been very generous in the past, entertaining us with his exceptional skill at car control. Email Andy at andy@andypilgrim.com to let him know how much you look forward to having him with us as you "Congratulate" him on his induction to the National Corvette Museum's Hall of Fame. Also, let's try to get Johnny O'Connell too, he is also being inducted into the NCM Hall of Fame. Way to go!!!

Feel free to contact me at cdcat6@aol.com for anything you need to make this the most enjoyable caravan ever!!


The Chateau Elan and La Quinta Inn & Suites will have a carefree Luggage tag system available so that you may drop your bags off at the hotel before you check-in so that you'll have one less thing to worry about getting out of the car before you go on track.

The Chateau Elan Hotel and Conference Center is very excited that you have chosen us as your host hotel for your stay in Sebring. We have set aside a block of rooms for your group under "National Corvette Caravan". To make a reservation, please call our front desk at 863-655-7200 and ask for a room under that block.

The rates for rooms start at $79.00 a night for a traditional double or king. For a little higher rate, you can have a room with a balcony or a refrigerator.

Located on the Sebring International Raceway, we are only minutes away from dining and entertainment in downtown Sebring. We boast that we are "The Place to Meet & Play in Sebring".

  • 123 deluxe guestrooms, suites and Jacuzzi suites with high speed internet.
  • Large Suites that can be converted to hospitality rooms or conference rooms.
  • Over 7,800 square feet of meeting space, serving groups from 4 to 400. The LeMans Ballroom, Salons A & B and the Panoz Boardroom. There is also an Outdoor Observation Deck and Terrace. Our state of the art conference facilities will provide an exceptional environment for your meetings and relaxation.
  • Our Esperante Restaurant and Hairpin Lounge are a full service restaurant and bar serving both American and Continental Cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • We also have a Full-Service European Spa and On-Site Fitness Center.

Overflow Hotel
The La Quinta Inn & Suites Sebring is proud to serve as the overflow hotel for the Chateau Elan during the 2014 Corvette Caravan! For reservations, please call our Front Desk at 863-386-1000 and any of our Team Members will be happy to help you. Just let us know that you need the “Corvette Caravan” rate and we'll put you in.

Our standard rooms with either one king or two queens will be made available to you at the special rate of $79 per night, while our Executive Kings will be $89 (slightly larger room, one king and a sofa) and our Suites will be $99 (living room with separate bedroom, one king bed in bedroom and sofa in living room). We are only a short drive from the Sebring International Raceway (8.2 miles) with chain and local restaurants anywhere from right across the street to only a few minutes away, so you can look forward to a comfortable stay with amenities such as:

  • BrightSide Breakfast every morning, with hot items including scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and make-your-own Belgian waffles
  • Pool and Hot Tub outside behind the hotel
  • Free High Speed Wireless Internet throughout the hotel, including in your guest room
  • Laundry Facilities, Fitness Center, and Business Center, all accessible 24 hours a day on the 1st floor

The Sebring Event is going to be a great day, but it will be even more successful with the help of volunteers. I will need help with Registration, Car Tech, and Check-in for the Track and Banquet. The more volunteers, the better the experience for everyone. =0) Kindly e-mail me at cdcat6@aol.com to step-up to help make this the best caravan ever!!!

Who's In Charge?
That would be me...Carrie Sue DeLeon...I will take the blame for anything that goes wrong...please be kind...=0) I am on my 3rd Corvette, a 2012 Supersonic Blue Metallic Grand Sport Coupe. Her name is Samantha. The 2002 Millennium Yellow Coupe (Goldielocks) is now a full time track car. I predict she'll have a roll cage in 3 years!!! lol

My Co-Captain is Pamela Smith. I helped persuade her into buying her first Corvette and made her come as my navigator for the 2009 Caravan, she had a blast. My Local Leader for Tampa and the West side of Florida is Tommy Farruggio. My East Coast Local Leaders are Sue Militello and Annette Santiago, whom have really been great help.

Caravan from South Florida to Sebring:
Local Leader Sue Mititello wants to lead a caravan from the South Florida Area to Sebring. As she gets some plans put into action I will promptly post the information for you here.

If you are interested in being a Local Leader to assist with coordination in your area, please call me at 954-260-8598.

I will do my best to keep you all updated as quickly as possible, but please do not hesitate to contact me at cdcat6@aol.com for anything!!!!


Carrie Sue DeLeon
Florida Captain

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