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Your Arkansas Captains for the 25th Anniversary National Corvette Museum Caravan are Mike and Elvira Thompson of Little Rock, AR. We have been involved in each caravan through the years. We have served as volunteer workers, Local Leaders, and Co-Captains. This will be the first time we have served as Captains.

We enjoy attending and/or competing in regional Corvette events and for more than 25 years have been proud coordinators of a Corvette event in Eureka Springs, AR.

The Caravan is just a year away and things are beginning to fall in place. After communication with surrounding state captains we know that two Texas caravans and the Arizona/New Mexico caravan will join the Arkansas participants at Bale Chevrolet in Little Rock, AR beginning at 4 pm on August 27, 2019. Bale will provide food and drink for all caravan participants. At present, 400 Corvettes are expected.

After an over-night stay in area hotels, Bale will host a police-escorted send-off on the morning of the 28th. We are scheduled to depart Bale at 9 am.

All Arkansas Corvette owners are invited to come by Bale and show your support for the National Corvette Museum and the caravan participants.

If you plan to participate in the caravan to Bowling Green, you must first register with the NCM for the 25th Anniversary Celebration. Registration will begin shortly after Labor Day 2018.

Elvira and I can be reached at

Our thanks to Bale Chevrolet of Little Rock, which has supported caravan participation in Arkansas since the NCM’s beginning, for again agreeing to be a sponsor for the up-coming caravan.

We will also be glad to coordinate with other caravans that will be coming through Arkansas.


Bale Chevrolet

Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson of Little Rock, AR, has been a member of the Central Arkansas Corvette Club since 2003. She states she is very proud to be assisting the 25th Anniversary Corvette Caravan to Bowling Green, KY from Bale Chevrolet in Little Rock, AR.

In her own words: “Corvette fever attacked me in my teen age years when I saw a 1966 Candy Apple Red Corvette Convertible drive down the Main Street in my hometown of 1,700 population, Hamburg, AR. For the next 35 years, the Red Corvette never left my mind, a dream, that finally was fulfilled in 2003. I entered the Corvette World which totally changed my life for the better. I met more people at Corvette shows that became a network of friends across the United States.

I have been in the Central Arkansas Corvette Club, as Secretary for 5 years, Board Member another 5 years, Vendor Chairperson, Public Relations Director and the Hot Springs Corvette Weekend Show Chairperson. I have been successful in procuring Mike & Laurie Yager, Ken Lingenfelter, Wilmer &anp; Liz Cooksey and Naveen Ravuri, GM Corvette Senior Quality Engineer, as our special guests for the past 3-4 years.

I am a retired Registered Nurse. I worked for 25 years as a Critical Care/Intensive Care Nurse then later a House/Shift Supervisor overseeing the operations of the whole hospital. In 2003 when my long-awaited dream of owning a red Corvette came true, the whole Hospital thought I had lost my mind, when actually, I was finding my mind and where the next phase of my life would take me. Here I am, never had an inkling that I would be a Co-Captain in the most revered nationwide Corvette Caravan of my lifetime. This will make the 3rd time for me to go, 2009, 2014, and 2019.”

Updated 6/22/19