Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee

Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee

My name is Roy L. Carman and I will be the Caravan Captain for the 2019 Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee Corvette Caravan.

This will be my third caravan as I was a participant in 2009, Caravan Captain in 2014 for E. Kentucky/Tennessee and again in 2019.

I’m married to my wonderful wife Karen who comes from the Great State of Texas. Our honeymoon was on the 15th Caravan in 2009. She has the 2003 50th Anniversary Coupe and enjoys traveling across the country.

To give a little background on me, I am a retired pilot from American Airlines and just finished a semester with Middle Tennessee State University as a professor in the Department of Aerospace.
Between that and the time that I spend on my 3 Corvettes, I’m playing with my dogs and cat and just enjoying life. I have a 1992 Black ZR-1, a 1993 40th Anniversary ZR-1 and a 2003 50th Anniversary Coupe.

This is an update for the route and time for the Corvette Caravan for Eastern Kentucky/ Tennessee. The caravan will start from the Arby’s restaurant/ fuel station located at 2441 S. Church St. located off exit 81A in Murfreesboro, TN. We will meet up, pass out credentials around 9:30am on the 28th of August. We will leave Arby’s at 10:00am and proceed up I-24, through Nashville to exit 92 on I-65 on to Old Hickory Blvd and park at the Cornerstone Church. We should arrive approximately at 11:00am, give or take.

We will meet up with the Northern most Tennessee participants and pass out credentials, meet and greet and do a quick briefing on our route and destination. We will try to leave at 11:45am. From the church, we will proceed up I-65 to Kentucky and arrive at Kentucky Downs at 12:25pm. Kentucky Downs is off of I-65 on Exit 2. Again, we will do another meet and greet, pass out credentials and I’ll give a briefing on our route to the NCM Motorsport Park. Please note that we will NOT be going to the NCM. The routing will drop you off at the parking lot at the MotorSport Park. If you want to go the NCM, you will need to park your car and ride the courtesy vans to the NCM. If you have the prepaid parking at the NCM, you can continue on to the NCM.

This last route is different because we cannot use Exit 28. So we will turn off at Exit 26 on I-65 and turn east on Cemetery Rd until we reach Iron Bridge Rd and go north. Iron Bridge Rd will run into Porter Pike. It is also known as Highway 1402. This will put us right at the entrance of the NCM Motorsport Park. It takes about 50 to 55 minutes depending on traffic and weather. I want to leave around 1:15pm but that is dependent on the NCM and their timing. We should get there around 2:15pm or very close to that time.

As a reminder, I will receive the credentials sometime in August and I will have a checklist for those participants. I cannot mail out the credentials. To get them, you have to be at one of the meeting places. Also, July 11th is the last day to make any changes to your plans for the Anniversary Event. I still have some clings and flags if anyone is interested. I would also like to ask if you would consider volunteering during the event to help out the other participants enjoy their time.

I should have more information as we get closer to the launch date.

I will not be handling any hotel rooms at this time. The NCM has that information on their Facebook page and it is kept up-to-date. There should be plenty when the time comes.

April 27 was the last Captains Caravan meeting before the big event at the end of August. Museum representatives Bryce Burklow, Maci Hensley and Katie Ellison along with National Chairman Jeff Duda gave an update on the preparations for the 25th Opening of the National Corvette Museum. Registration is currently at 5,687 people so it is on pace with 2014. We currently have 43 people registered and, hopefully, we will get more by that time. Just as a reminder, online registration closes on July 11th.

Here is some of the information passed on to us: There is no new information on plant tours. The plant manager has not committed to saying yes or no. He is currently busy getting ready for the launch of the C8. Speaking of the C8, it made a rather rapid flyby of the NCM (in my own opinion). There is video of it everywhere so it shouldn’t be too hard to find it. Up close, it’s not really any different than all of the spy shots that have been out there for a while now. You really can’t tell much about it, which is what GM wanted. There will be a mobile C8 display at the event for people to look at and as you know, the reveal date is July 18th.

Hotels are still available if you need one. Katie Ellison has been on top of it since this whole thing started so if you need one, it’s there. Some of the captains have been releasing rooms and this information has been become available to everybody. Please check the NCM’s Facebook page for more information.

Credentials will be sent to the captains. The whole idea is to keep the registration lines down at the museum. The credentials will include the hard badge, lanyard, pin and event program. I should get them in early August. I have been instructed not to mail them to you so the only way that you can get them is be at the meeting locations. I will let everyone now when I have received the credentials and I will do a crosscheck on my list.

Parking will be kind of interesting, as the normal parking spots will be reserved for the $500.00 donation to the NCM. This is for lots A and B. Lot C will be reserved for handicapped people. The only other parking will be the grass lot over at Gate D and the Motorsport Park. There will be other parking spots announced as we go along to the kickoff. There will be shuttle buses running continuously through the day starting at 700am to 600pm.

Activities have been added to the schedule to help round out your NCM experience. You can click on the link below to see what options exist. Some of these activities do require advance sign up and payment.

I will be ordering some clings and flags for those that are interested. If you want one or two, please let me know.

The 25th Anniversary Celebration will start on the 28th so the vendors will be there but on that day, there will be only touring sessions at the Motorsport Park in the morning and afternoon along with Karting from 1200 noon to 700pm.


Flag and Static Cling
As usual, caravan flags and static clings are available for sale. The Caravan flag will be $15.00 and the static cling will be $10.00. Once I have enough orders, I will place an order and either ship them or give them to you when I see you.

That’s about it at this time. I will have updates as they occur.

Roy L. Carman
Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee
Caravan Captain

Updated 6/19/19